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UKInsiderSoccer - Syndicate Tips Exposed! is an elite soccer tipping organization located in the UK. Our team of full-time professional analysts have over twenty years experience in the soccer betting industry. Successful soccer betting tips depends on several factors: statistical analysis, situational trends, motivational & psychological factors, team news, injuries, suspensions, roster changes and recent forms. What if we put all these factors together with the information we collect from our UK match fixing syndicates? With the abilities to see through early market odds and inside information, our team will have a very strong edge, and thus, we are able to produce consistent winning bets by exploiting that unfair edge. Our top quality soccer tips can help you beat your bookies in the long run.


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All our picks and analysis are monitored on a long term basis by an independent third party tipping verification authority - It took us 30 days of picks verification through their platform before being recognised as a verified service provider of the is an official monitored and verified tipping company published in